Our relationships, sexuality/sex lives, & mental health are intersecting parts of all of our lives. Despite being an integral aspect of how we live, we're not taught enough about these things in school, almost at all.

Learn what you wish you'd been taught in this virtual workshop series for adults with Rachel Wright, MA, LMFT, and incredible guest teachers like Bobby Box, James Rose & Cory Bush!



Sex Ed 101: "The Basics":
(Which Most of Us Didn't Learn)

Workshop #1

  • What is sex?
  • The human body for reproduction and pleasure
  • The social construct of virginity
  • Orgasms
  • Communicating about these things with your partner(s)
  • Q&A... and more


gender and sexuality workshop rachel wright

Most of Us Don't Fit in Boxes: The Fluidity of Gender & Sexuality with James Rose

Workshop #2

  • What Is (Fluid) Sexuality & (Fluid) Gender?
  • 3 Models of Sexual Orientation
  • Important Definitions
  • Gender Theory + Gender History
  • Reflecting on Your Own/Our Own Sexuality & Gender
  • Q&A with Rachel & James


sex toys 101 workshop rachel wright

Getting to Know Your Sexual Self & All Things Sex Toys with Gabrielle Kassel

Workshop #3

  • What is your "sexual self"?
  • Masturbation
  • Porn & Pleasure
  • Sex Toys & Pleasure Aids
  • How to Pick a Toy for Yourself
  • Q&A and Personalized Toy Recommendations


anxiety depression  workshop rachel wright

Anxiety & Depression 101

Workshop #4

  • What IS & ISN'T Anxiety
  • Common Causes of Anxiety
  • The Anxiety Disorders
  • Coping Skills for Anxiety
  • What IS & ISN'T Depression
  • Common Causes of Depression
  • The Depressive Disorders
  • Coping Skills forDepression
  • Q&A with Rachel


the phrase of overcoming obstacles drawn in white and pink against a dark, navy blue background with a small, drawn rainbow in the bottom right hand corner with the phrase Team RW Workshop drawn underneath

Enjoying Sex Fully: Overcoming Common Obstacles

Workshop #5

  • The most common obstacles to fully enjoying sex (insecurities, physical pain or discomfort, "performance" anxiety, fears of past traumas arising, being/staying present in the moment, the pressure to orgasm, "I don't have enough time," negative self-talk, body confidence, communicating about what you actually enjoy, trust, openness, initiating physical intimacy, + more)
  • WHY these are such common obstacles and what you can do to begin (or continue) to overcome them
  • Q&A & more


sexual health workshop rachel wright

Sexual Health and Beyond: STIs, UTIs, & more

Workshop #6

  • What Is Sexual Health?
  • A Few Quick (& Important) Sexual Health PSAs
  • What is "Safe Sex"?
  • STIs
  • UTIs, Yeast Infections, & Other Non-STI Sexual Health Stuff
  • Pregnancy Prevention
  • Getting Tested & Communicating with Current or Future Partner(s)
  • Show and Tell and Q&A


loving your libido and desire workshop rachel wright

Dealing with Differing Desires & Loving Your Libido with Gabrielle Kassel

Workshop #7

  • What is sexual desire? What is libido?
  • What is a “normal” libido?
  • What affects your libido?
  • How to communicate to your partner(s) about your desire and libido
  • Action steps to reclaim your libido and feel comfortable in your skin and sex life
  • A Q&A with Rachel & Gabby


butt stuff 101 workshop rachel wright

Butt Stuff 101:
An Introduction to Anal Exploration
with Bobby Box

Workshop #8

  • Why Butt Stuff?
  • The Prostate
  • Anal Training
  • Douching
  • Rimming
  • Anal Aftercare
  • Anal Toy Recommendations
  • A Q&A with Rachel & Bobby


the phrase non-monogamy 101 drawn against a pink background with a small drawn rainbow in the right lower corner with the phrase team rw workshop drawn underneath

Non-Monogamy 101 Part 1

Workshop #9

  • What is Ethical Non-Monogamy?
  • What is "intentional monogamy"?
  • My Polyam/NM Story
  • Common Misconceptions of NM
  • Unlearning Societal Norms
  • Action Steps (for those who want them)
  • Q&A and more!


self love 101 workshop rachel wright

Self Love 101: Mastering the Art of Loving You (So You Can Have the Life You Want)!

Workshop #10

  • What is self-love anyway?
  • What does self-care have to do with this?
  • Compassion vs. Love vs. Acceptance?
  • Research-based techniques for more conscious self-love
  • Self-Love & Care Tool Kit
  • Q&A


kink bdsm 101 workshop

More Than Vanilla: An Introduction to BDSM & Kink with Cory B.

Workshop #11

  • What even is BDSM? What is kink?
  • What is THE BDSM scene?
  • What is A BDSM scene?
  • Props, Toys, & Tools
  • Introducing BDSM into Your (Sex) Life
  • Q&A with Rachel & Cory, and more!


healthy communication workshop rachel wright

Healthy Communication 101

Workshop #12

  • What is Healthy Communication?
  • Empathy vs. Sympathy
  • Reflective & Active Listening
  • "I" Statements
  • The 3-Step Framework for ANY Conversation
  • Role Play & Live Q&A


the phrase non-monogamy: navigating jealousy drawn in white and blue against a pink background with a small rainbow drawn in the corner with the words Team RW Workshops drawn underneath

Non-Monogamy: Navigating Jealousy

Workshop #13

  • What is Non-Monogamy?
  • What is Jealousy?
  • How to Identify Jealousy
  • Feeling Deprioritzed vs Jealousy
  • How to Cope with Jealousy
  • Action Steps (for those who want them)
  • Q&A and more!


the phrase non-monogamy 101 drawn against a pink background with a small drawn rainbow in the right lower corner with the phrase team rw workshop drawn underneath

Non-Monogamy 101: Part 2

Workshop #14

  • The Inner Work
  • Knowing & Understanding You (In and Out of a Relationship)
  • Attachment Theory
  • Combating Internal Shame
  • 9 Qualities, Skills, & Habits of a Happy NM Human
  • The Outer Work
  • Creating & Deciding on Agreements with your Partner(s)
  • How to Flirt, Date, & Fuck as an NM Human
  • Resisting Change(s) in the OG Relationship
  • Action Steps
  • Q&A and More!


the words All fourteen Workshops drawn against a dark blue background with a small, drawn rainbow in the bottom, righthand corner with the words Team RW workshops drawn underneath

All 14 Adult 'What You Wished You Learned in School' Workshops

Get all 13 workshops in the series available for viewing immediately!

  • Workshop #1: Sex Ed 101: The "Basics" (that most of us didn't learn)
  • Workshop #2: The Fluidity of Sexuality and Gender
  • Workshop #3: Getting to Know Your Sexual Self + All Things Sex Toys
  • Workshop #4: Anxiety & Depression 101
  • Workshop #5: Fully Enjoying Sex: Overcoming the Most Common Obstacles
  • Workshop #6: Sexual Health and Beyond: STIs, UTIs and more
  • Workshop #7: Navigating Differing Desires & Loving Your Libido
  • Workshop #8: Butt Stuff 101: An Introduction to Anal Exploration
  • Workshop #9: Non-Monogamy 101 Part 1
  • Workshop #10: Self-Love 101: Mastering the Art of Loving You (So You Can Have the Life You Want)!
  • Workshop #11: More Than Vanilla: An Introduction to BDSM & Kink
  • Workshop #12: Healthy Communication 101
  • Workshop #13: Non-Monogamy: Navigating Jealousy
  • Workshop #14: Non-Monogamy 101 Part 2



Psychotherapist Rachel Wright, MA, LMFT  (she/her) is recognized as one of the freshest voices on modern relationships, mental health, and sex. She is an experienced speaker, group facilitator, educator, therapist, coach, and on-camera mental health and relationship expert.

With a Master’s Degree in clinical psychology, Rachel Wright has worked with thousands of humans worldwide, helping them scream less and screw more. She has brought her message to stages across the globe, was SHAPE Magazine’s Sex + Relationships Coach, and created the virtual workshop series What You Wish You Learned in School: Sex Ed and is currently one of mindbodygreen’s article review experts. She also recently did a show at Green Room 42 in NYC called “One Night Stand: A Night for Sexier & Healthier Broadway.” (Check out the review in BroadwayWorld here.)

Rachel has been featured widely in the media, including on Cheddar TV, as a regular contributor to SHAPE, INSIDER, mbg, InStyle, The Dipp, Well & Good — plus Cosmopolitan Magazine, PIX 11 (NYC), Women’s Health, NBC News Radio, Huffington Post, CTV (Canada), and hundreds of other outlets. 

Rachel lives in New York and loves live theatre so much. You can probably find her in PJs eating gluten-free food with one of her partners if she’s not working! Learn more at www.rachelwrightnyc.com or connect in her cozy corner of Instagram, @thewright_rachel.

What Past Students Have Said...

“Rachel is so enthusiastic, knowledgable, and passionate about these topics! She makes learning fun, as well as pushing me to think outside previous notions of "normal" or "the way it is".”

- Jennifer A. (She/Her)

“My best friend of 10 years identities as non-binary. I always knew that something was different from the first day we met, and have tried my best to understand. I remember the first time he (that’s his pronouns) asked me to go shopping for girl clothes with him, and seeing how happy he was wearing them made me happy. I didn’t understand so much about non-binary & with this class, I feel like I finally understand (I have so much learning to do). I sent him a text and let him know what I was learning and he felt seen & we had a long conversation about this topic. Thank you very much for giving us the education we needed."

- Abi G. (She/Her)

“This is the sex-ed that would have set me up for a much more empowered sexual experience and attitude than the one I developed from my very lacking public school sex education. Rachel’s commitment to inclusivity and zeal for the topics covered in these workshops is obvious and joy-filled.”

- Mal M. (She/Her/They)

“Sexual Health Education is JUST as important as all other forms of health education yet it is rarely talked about in an empowering way. The material is often presented through a fear-based perspective. This workshop was the opposite of that. Rachel outlined the many avenues of sexual health and how we can take easy steps to prevent and treat STIs. It was such a relief to let go of old stigmas and beliefs and reclaim the power over my own sexual health."

- Annie S. (She/Her)

“You both are so lovely and excellent educators. I am clearly still in a place of unlearning a lot of shame surrounding sex and all that entails. Your positivity, energy, and enthusiasm about sex, sex toys, cultivating your sexual self, and generally encouraging continued learning around sexual needs/wants are so incredibly helpful and validating. Thank you both so much for sharing your time and talent as well as making a safe space for folks to learn.”

- Anonymous (He/Him/They)